Hi ! Two weeks ago I bought this huge canvas… for the craic, because I’ve never painted big scale, to challenge myself. All those reasons out, I finally decided to take it off the platic cover yesterday. Hope you like it… “Spring”, check this link
Good morning ! Jeepers, creepers, let’s open your beepers !! Last night I brought some brand new artwork at the Seagrass Restaurant (Dublin, Ireland), it’s called “Modern Geisha”. It very manga inspired with a twist of Spartian look – the helmet 🙂 Hope you like it ! To ckeck the exhibition, call in the restaurant and/or check this link. Feel free to let me know your impressions.
Hello everyone, here I am with a new adventure ! I have the pleasure to announce you that I am exhibiting “A Bubbly Life-2011” at the Seagrass Restaurant (Dublin, Ireland). The restaurant has a new look and, for that occasion,  I have decided to play on the very retro black & white theme ! To ckeck the exhibition, call in the restaurant and/or check this this link. Hope you enjoy what you see ! Feel free to let me know your impressions.

The Fairy of Bubbles

The sun is back, shining like I had forgotten it could ever shine. Spring is so bewitching, it brings a happy mood and smile to everyone. What if the weather was like this all year round ? It would be awesome all right. There would be fairies and maybe bubbles, it would be so much fun ! Happy Spring Times and enjoy “The Fairy of Bubbles”. Check this link !

Kiss me I’m Irish !

Last Thursday was St Patrick’s Day. The weather was beautiful and Dublin was loaded with people from all over the world.  To celebrate the occasion, I have gathered some of my most Irish artwork under “Kiss me I’m Irish”, check this link. Enjoy !
Inspiration for design of Head Bling : “Black Eyelashes & Red Lips”. I like this new little character with extra long eyelashes and intense red pouted lips.  She is a very girly girl who loves accessories, check this link. I should probably find her a name… Let’s think about it 😉
Hello everyone ! Another post to show you more about The Power of Dreams ! To find out about the new gallery : “A Bubbly Life – 2011”, please check this link. It’s my modern version of “A Bubbly Life”, check this link. Feel free to let me know what you think of my new Bubble Girls 😉
Thank you for attending the exhibition : “WOMEN’s TIME – Expressions”, organized by the association Women’s Point of View. It was a pleasure to display my artwork and a biggest pleasure to meet you there ! I hope you enjoyed your time at the gallery. Feel free to leave me your questions and comments. To see my artwork and pictures of the event, please check this link. Hope to meet you again soon !