A as Art – As far as I remember, I have always preciously kept all of my artwork.

R as Route – Art is a route. Every creation is a new step forward. Between each step, I learn how to follow my instinct and grow confident.

T as Travel – I have a few very special sketches which I always take with me when I travel.

W as Work – If creating is a work, then it is the most enjoyable work in the world.

O as Original – Before drawing, I take a blanc page and stare. After a few minutes, I start to see the shape of something. It’s like dreaming on paper.

R as Re-invent – I like to think things as they have never been thought before. I try to stretch my imagination to the impossible.

K as Kingdom. Give me a paper and I will see your Kingdom. Give me a pencil and I will draw it. Do you believe in THE POWER OF DREAMS ?

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