29th June 2011 : Galadrielle @ Leinster House

Dear Friends,
On 29th June 2011, I had the great pleasure to bring one of my paintings to Leinster House in Dublin (Ireland).
Where in Leinster House ? If you insist, I can tell you that it is now decorating one of the walls of Senator Mark Daly’s office.
Why this painting ? FYI it is called “Dragon Fire or Peacock”. One shows strength and power when the other one shows pride and bewitches. One is silent to introverted, though protective and assertive at times. The other one is loud to extraverted, though demanding and defensive at times. Both animals are persistant in their approach, that’s when they gain respect from their peers and others. The reason why this particular painting met Mark is that the colours are vibrant and energetic, just like Mark. He may be a bit of both worlds 🙂 I wish him all the best !

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